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Do We Have Data Breach Fatigue?

Do We Have Knowledge Breach Fatigue?

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After one other monumental knowledge breach final week from Marriott / Starwood, we have been once more

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How To Avoid A Charity Donation Scam During The Holidays

How To Keep away from A Charity Donation Rip-off Throughout The Holidays

Posted by admin in ., 8283, advised, Advisory Services Inc, Atlanta Georgia, Best Gen X Money Manager, campaign, Charitable Contributions, Charities, Charity Navigator, deduction, deductions, funds. With this type of donation, Gen X & Y Financial Advice, GuideStar, Holidays, Irs, scam, top ten lists, your smart money moves

<img title = "Charity-scams" src =

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Enjoying the City for Cheap

Having fun with the Metropolis for Low cost

Posted by admin in Atlanta Georgia, Enjoying the City for Cheap, Millenials, millennial, Money Saving Ideas, Sunday Paper, your smart money moves

<img title = "Inwego" src =

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Five Money Moves To Make During Open Enrollment

5 Cash Strikes To Make Throughout Open Enrollment

Posted by admin in (HMO) plan, (PPO) plan, 401(k), benefits packages, Best Gen X Financial Advisors, enrollment, Five Money Moves To Make During Open Enrollment, Gen X & Y Financial Advice, halloween, Health Savings Account, high deductible health plan (HDHP) with an HSA, it m, Life Insurance, money, moves, open, right insurance plan, Roth 401(k), your smart money moves

Fall indicators the altering of leaves, soccer Sundays and Halloween. It is usually the time of the yr by

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How To Complain Effectively Using Social Media

How To Complain Successfully Utilizing Social Media

Posted by admin in @chipotletweets, @oXYGenFinancial and @TedJenkin, 4 free-burrito cards, Chipotle’s service, complaining today about social media, Customer Service Coordinator Chipotle Mexican Grill, customer service twitter, Gen X & Y Financial Advice, How To Complain Effectively Using Social Media, interaction with Chipotle, manager of Chipotle, oXYGen Financial, Ted Jenkin, use the power of social media to complain effectively, your smart money moves

We hear a whole lot of complaining about social media in the present day. It’s as much as us day by day with

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What Insurance Moves Do I Make With Hurricane Florence?

What Insurance coverage Strikes Do I Make With Hurricane Florence?

Posted by admin in affect by hurricane Florence, consider picking up flood insurance, declared a disaster area goverment help,, Featured Articles, federally subsidized disaster loan, file a claim with the insurance company, Flood Insurance, housing and medical expenses can be reimbursed, Independent Insurance Adjuster, Insurance Hurricane Florence?, Insurance Tips, oXYGen Financial, property and casualty insurance policies, smart insurance moves,, Ted Jenkin, what coverage for jewelry and collectibles,, your smart money moves

With one other main hurricane that has reached its japanese prices final week, heavy downpours and floods,

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Why This Tech Bubble Isn’t Like The Final Tech Bubble

Posted by admin in Amazon, Apple, buy back stock, Cash On Hand, Cisco, Comcast, dividend payouts from the top 10 NASDAQ companies, Facebook, Featured Articles, Google, Intel, Investments, Microsoft, Netflix, oXYGen Financial, pay increased dividends to their shareholders, PepsiCo, Price To Earnings Ratio, technology stocks, Ted Jenkin, The Last Tech Bubble, today’s technology market, top 10 holdings NASDAQ, top company in the entire spectrum of stocks, Why This Tech Bubble Isn’t Like The Last Tech Bubble, your smart money moves

It's been 18 years for the reason that & # 39; dot-com & # 39; bubble in 2000 and many

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Five Important Money Questions To Ask Your Parents

5 Essential Cash Questions To Ask Your Mother and father

Posted by admin in Advanced Medical Directive / Living Will?, Aretha Franklin not having a will, cost of a private room in a nursing home, Do you have a will, Do You Have Long Term Care Insurance?, Family, Featured Articles, five important money questions, Five Important Money Questions To Ask Your Parents, important money questions, not having a will, oXYGen Financial, parents don’t have long term care insurance, set up a durable power of attorney, Ted Jenkin, your smart money moves

Nearly ten years in the past I wrote an unique article about vital cash inquiries to ask your mother and

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Five Reasons You Never Want To Borrow On Your 401(k)

5 Causes You By no means Need To Borrow On Your 401(ok)

Posted by admin in Bad Foundation For Your Financial Plan, Being Double Taxed, Gen X & Y Financial Advice, how to consolidate your 401(k) plans, liquidate part of an IRA, overall financial plan, oXYGen Financial, pay back a loan in the 401(k) plan, pre-tax savings plan, Reasons You Never Want To Borrow On Your 401(k), Taxable Income, Ted Jenkin, Ted Jenkin CNN Headline News, The Magic Of Compounding, using after-tax dollars to pay back your loan, You Sell Low And Buy High, your smart money moves

Many millennials appeal to themselves financially to purchase homes, and the numbers turn out to be scary.

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Five Numbers Every Investor  Should Know About Their Portfolio

5 Numbers Each Investor Ought to Know About Their Portfolio

Posted by admin in Asset Allocation, become an expert in investments, best investment advice, best investment portfolios, Gen X & Y Financial Advice, How much money is in your single biggest holding, how much money you have in stock, How much of your portfolio is in stocks and how much is in bonds, overall rate of return, oXYGen Financial, portfolio investment risk level, Ted Jenkin, what your biggest holding is in your portfoli, what your overall cost is to run your investment portfolio, your smart money moves

Do you generally end up concerned in a dialog about your portfolio and somebody asks you what a easy query

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